Crash Bandicoot
Average Score 91
Best review(s) CrashArtist13 (91)
Worst Review(s) CrashArtist13 (91)

CrashArtist13's ReviewEdit

Overall score: 91/100

This a great game for the PlayStation. Second best game for the PlayStation in my eyes.

The graphics and pyshics are great for 1996. One of the best PlayStation classics right here. A great challenge for gamers who want a challenge. Great family game too.

Only things I have to complain about is the difficulty and Crash's moving. It is EXTREMELY HARD when you first play it (especially Slippery Climb and Sunset Vista). Once you do get the hang of it, it is actually kinda easy. Another flaw I saw in this is when you move Crash, then stop, he takes 1 or 2 steps after you stop moving him. Which can lead to falling off cliffs and into pits, getting killed by enemies, and more. One more thing: He can't do anything. He can only jump and spin. But maybe it's a good thing: Simple games can be fun games.

But overall this game is great.

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