The following is a list of what is and isn't allowed on The PlayStation Wiki. If you have any qustions for these rules, please leave a message here.


Plagiarism is not, I repeat, NOT allowed here. Copy and pasting articles from Wikipedia is unacceptable. All articles must be written in your own words. However, you can take information from Wikipedia if it is 100% hard facts and in your own words.

Article Writing


Grammar is very important here. Make sure all your articles have correct capitalization, spacing, etc.

Second-Person Writing

Do not write in second-person. Ex of 2nd-Person: When you get the required number of gems you've completed the level. Do not write articles as if your speaking to a friend. In the example, the correct way it should be written is as follows: When the player gets the required number of gems the player has completed the level. Second-Person writing is only acceptable if you are writing on a hints, cheats, or user reviews page.


This is not a very strict rule. I ask that when you write on a game/system (or any other page that you would put a date/rating in the template) page that you put the abbreviation of the Continent/Country before the date/rating and any other additional information in parentheses after the date.

Continent Date EX: NA January 1, 2000 (HD)

Country Date EX: US January 1, 2000 (HD)

Continent Rating EX: NA E (Re-release)

Country Rating EX: US E10+ (Re-release)

Foul Language

Yes, I am aware that lots of games have foul language. I strongly encourage you to avoid putting foul language in any articles. If it is IMPERATIVE that foul language must be in an article to fully give all the information needed, please use the Language template before writing (like you would with a spoiler template).

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