Jersey Devil
First Appearance Jersey Devil
Species Devil
Alliance(s) Good
Affiliation(s) N/A
Latest Appearance Jersey Devil
Portrayed by N/A
Series Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil, or JD for short, is the hero of the Jersey Devil video game.



When JD was a baby, he was found by Dr. Knarf's assistant, Dennis. Putting him in a cage, Dennis brought him to Dr. Knarf. After locking Dennis in a cage, Dr. Knarf let JD hang from a hook on the wall as he went to get more supplies.

Dr. Knarf's mutant pet plant tried to bite the little devil as he started to swing back and forth. With enough force on the last swing, JD fell on top of the plant, knocking it out. He then proceeded to wreck the lab as Dennis called down to Dr. Knarf outside, who had just returned.

As soon as Dr. Knarf opened the door, JD dropped a nitro bottle. However, it safely landed on a mutant pumpkin baby's head. But, as luck would have it, the bottle fell to the floor regardless and the lab was blown up and JD blown away. Years later, Dr. Knarf began kidnapping the people of the nearby Jersey City and so JD set out to stop him.

Jersey DevilEdit

At the start of the game, JD lands in the center of Jersey City, where he sees mutant vegetables kidnapping people and Dennis running towards the city's museum. Over the course of his adventure, JD freed Dr. Knarf's hostages and defeated his bosses. Near the end, Dr. Knarf ended up flying off on a rocket into the woods.

In his pursuit of Dr. Knarf, JD had to contend with almost everything in his army. When JD made it to a clearing in the woods with Dr. Knarf's lair close by, he also had to fight off werewolves. After making it to the lair and defeating Dr. Knarf, the doctor is arrested and Jersey Devil glides off into the sunset.



Like most other characters, JD is able to jump from place to place.


By spreading his wings, JD is able to glide for short distances.


JD's basic attack against enemies.

Tail WhipEdit

By pressing the punch button while jumping, JD can spin in the air and hit enemies with his tail. The tail whip is much more reliable than punching.


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