Gex: Enter the Gecko
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Developer(s) Crystal Dynamics
Publisher(s) Midway Games
PlayStation Platform(s) PlayStation, PSN
Release date(s) NA January 31, 1998
EU February 20, 1998
JP September 10, 1998
PAL October 5, 2011 (PSN)
NA February 4, 2014 (PSN)
Genre Platform
Rating(s) K - A
Mode(s) Single Player
Gex: Enter the Gecko, also known as Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko in Europe and Spin Tail in Japan, is the sequel to Gex. In a departure from the previous installment, this game is in 3D.


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After defeating Rez, Gex became a celebrity. In 1996, he retired from the public eye and resigned himself to a life of solitude. For two years Gex started his days watching Kung-Fu Theater until days and weeks blurred into one long telethon.

However, his tv goes blank one day and Rez's face flashes rapidly on the screen. Two government agents then appear and request Gex's help. Gex declines and one of the agents resorts to hitting him over the head with a crowbar. After Gex wakes up, he realized that he's in an interrogation room.

Gex tells the agents everything he knows about Rez. One of the agents slides a briefcase over to Gex after asking for his help again. In the briefcase is a large amount of money. Gex tells them to thrown in a secret agent suit and they've got themselves a deal. The agents give Gex a map of the Media Dimension and tell him that they want Rez to "disappear".

After going through several tv channels, Gex eventually confronts Rez once again. Rez is defeated when Gex drops a large tv on him. He turns into a ball of energy in an attempt to flee but he ends up trapped in the tv.

Rez then tell Gex that he is his father. After Gex asks how that's possible, Rez states that he didn't always look like his current form. He then claims he fell into a scrap heap while trying to get free cable. Gex then shuts off the tv.


Tail WhipEdit

Gex's standard attack is using his tail to hit enemies.

Tail BounceEdit

Using his tail, Gex can bounce to reach higher places and defeat enemies.


Gex's tongue allows him to eat flies which can give health back, give an extra life, or give him special abilities such as being lit on fire.

Karate KickEdit

This karate kick can help Gex cross certain gaps and defeat enemies.


The game received mostly positive reviews.


  • In contrast to its N64 counterpart, the PS1 version of Gex: Enter the Gecko has all of the bonus levels and secret levels intact.
    • The PS1 version also includes the level "Poltergex" instead of "Gecques Cousteau".
  • Gex: Enter the Gecko and Tomb Raider share the same game engine.


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