The theme song for Crash Bandicoot.
Crash Bandicoot Theme Song
Crash Bandicoot
Developer(s) Naughty Dog
Publisher(s) SCE
PlayStation Platform(s) PlayStation
PlayStation 3 (PSN)
PlayStation Portable (PSN)
Release date(s) August 31, 1996 (NA)
November 2, 1996 (EU)
December 6, 1996 (JP)
December 4, 2006 (NA, PSN - PSP)
January 25, 2007 (JP, PSN)
May 3, 2007 (NA, PSN - PS3)
June 22, 2007 (EU, PSN)
Genre Platform
Rating(s) NA K-A
Mode(s) Single Player
Crash Bandicoot is a PlayStation game. The game consists of the game's main protagonist, Crash Bandicoot, going through levels and bosses to defeat the main antagonist, Dr. Neo Cortex, and to save his girlfriend, Tawna Bandicoot. The player must travel through three islands in order to reach Cortex. Whenever the player breaks all the crates in a level without losing a life, they will be awarded with a gem. Breaking crates also awards the player with Wumpa Fruit. If the player collects 100 Wumpa Fruit they will receive an extra life. It's sequel is Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.


The game was a favorite of many critics. The highest reviews the game got were 9.3/10 (Gaming Target), 80.4% (GameRankings), and B (Game Revolution).


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